Refunds allow customers to book with confidence, but you shouldn’t lose out if their plans go awry.

We all know travellers are being incredibly cautious when it comes to booking travel activities and accommodation right now. More than ever they will hold off if they have any doubts, or just cancel before any cancellation policy kicks in.

What if there was a way to give them more peace of mind with a fully Refundable Booking policy right up to the day they are booked that includes a range of personal circumstances including some related to covid-19 infection AND you still get to charge them in full for their booking?

Sound too good to be true? It isn't with Refundable Bookings.

A powerful tool in today's uncertain environment

Refundable Bookings is a way for both your customers and your business to have more financial certainty over your bookings. There is no cost burden to your business to offer it and administration of refund applications are handled by the providers of the service.

It's a win-win

You can offer Refundable Bookings to your customers when they book, at a cost to them of 10% of the booking value. Their booking will then have upgraded booking terms with the ability to apply for a full refund for an incredible range of circumstances AND you get to keep the full value of their booking, PLUS earn a % of the Refundable Booking fee.

Refundable Bookings terms include:

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